How test manager, tester, QA and CSV experts nowadays are coached and consulted via internet,
the transfer of know-how will be enforced, whereas costs will be minimized and it will be explicitly more time for coaching and consulting ...
The engineering company consults since 2004 on the areas of software testing, test management and quality assurance, and coaches on the area  of comuterized system validation. For more audit-secureness!
And all if that digitilized.
Here are 3 additional things our costumers compliment us:
  • Maximum service: We identify with the company we are coaching and consultung.
  • Individual costumized strategy: We commit ourselft to the custumer and realize together with the costumer the agreed strategy .
  • Go the extra mile: We are reachable for our custumers at any time and if tasks like software tests can be performed out of odinary business times or on weekends only.

Auf Bewerbungen wird in der Regel innerhalb von 1-2 Werktagen geantwortet.
Our costumers
We consult and coach costumers of different industries and aeras. We picked out
 three industries exemplarily.
Source: Michael Gaida
For our costumer, an airport operator, we took over the test management of the departure process.

For the test execution we built a complete simulation environment even with the orchestration of the air traffic control and a dedicated airline.

On this we created the related test data for the flights and their flight history.

For the test execution the flight controllers and pilots has been brought together to this simulation environment. They were the interested parties of the new departure process.
For serveral costumers of the financial service sector we took over the testing and test management.

Beside the test execution a substainal part of work were the test prepartion and the training of the tester.

For this purpose the tests has been planned and performed outlying the ordinary business times to preclude the disturbance of the normal business processes. Additonal work on weekends were included.
Source: Philipp Saal
Source: Steve Buissinne
For a customer in the pharmaceutical industry we took over the tasks of test management and testing. Here within the OQ and PQ we tested and approved the interaction of the systems with the production process of the medicine.

For another customer we supported the quality assurance by consideration of the requirements of CSV for infrastructure and application systems. Here were included the internet coaching of topics regarding QA and CSV as well.

For an additonal customer we performed internal audits to prepare and train its employees for the special situation regarding authorities and notified bodies.

For the same customer we prepared, performed and reported an external audit to get the external supplier ready for the settings of a regulated company.
About Thomas W. Hoehle
Foto Thomas
I am consultant since 2000 and established 2004 the engineering company, There I worked as coach and consultant for software testing, test management, and quality assurance (QA).

Additionally I am specialized as expert for computerized system validation (CSV) since 2011.

I am coaching and consulting freelancers, entrepreneurs and desider of small and mid-sized companies on the areas software testing, test management, QA and CSV as well as audits according to GAMP5, ISO 13485 and ISO 14971.

I consult and coach companies long-ranging and lasting. This shows my consulting periods of one to seven years so far.
How does the application process look like?

1. You make an application to the first interview at no charge.
Within a consulting interview of about 45 minutes we identify which services you, your company and your employees need and which way we shall take and which strategy we shall follow to transfer the know-how to you, to your company and to your employees. 
2. A team member will call you and make a short interview.
We offer our cooperation if we are absolutely sure that we can help you.
The internet coaching and internet consulting is suitable for every company but it could be that it does not fit to your current situation. But we will tell you as well when this service will be appropiate to you.
3. We will coordinate an appointd time together.
We are looking for a date for the first interview at no charge. The date shall be prompt so that the information you provide and the problems you name are up-to-date and can be approached as fast as possible.
Our location

You find us at the industrial park Hechtsheim via the junction of Autobahn A60 Mainz-Hechtsheim-West.

Make an application for a first interview at no charge now!
Please note: straight physically it is not possible for us unfortunantely to take care of a handful costumers and to deliver at once strong results.
Our services are asked strongly. To work with us together an application is necessary. During the first interview at no charge we find out together which strategies for our company and your employees are suitable best.
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